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Just a love, loving girl with a camera, wanting to give you the best memories.

I'm Pippa, well actually it's Philippa- but I don't want to feel like I am being told off by my mother, so Pippa will do. I am a natural light photographer.  I first started in photography in 2015 after working in a Culinary Academy.  I took all the food photographs for their website and social media.  After that, I branched out into the world of people, offering everything from family shoots to full day weddings!  

I love photography, I ADORE capturing the connections between people, families and pets.  There's something so special about freezing time and being able to show my clients the beauty that everyone else sees.

Every image I provide is a little piece of my heart, and it's why I am so passionate about providing such a personalised experience.  I literally live for my clients reactions to their galleries and hope that I can provide something super special for you.  

There is nothing I love more, than seeing your images hung up in their own beautiful frames on your walls.  These images that we will create together deserve to be shown off and I hope you will feel warmth and love every time you look at them.

If you would like to work with me, please get in touch- I would love to meet you!

Lovely to meet you!

Pippa holding her dog
Pippa holding a camera

Oh Hi, It's Me- Pippa

Pippa in a field
Pippa logo
Pippa sat in a chair

My absolute favorite food is sushi or anything Asian..

Baby picture of Pippa and Family
Baby picture of Pippa and Family

A little about me..

I was born in Singapore, and moved to the UK properly when I was 5...

I have a puppy named Bear, and a cat named Biscuit♡

I live with my girlfriend, her dog and Bear in Bristol.

I am a typical Aries- passionate, motivated and a confident leader!  All pretty good qualities for a photographer some may argue... haha!

Baby picture of Pippa and Family

So, what's next?

sun and moon

So, you've decided that I am the perfect match for you.. YAY!! *Does a little happy dance*.

But what does this actually mean?  Well, all you have to do now is tell me that I am the one that you want!  Fill out my contact form and I shall get back to you preeeeetty sharpish!  I am known to be the quickest responder ever, and I pride myself on that to be honest.  

You just need to pick your package, it's really that simple.  I will then check my availability and let you know if you're in!  


I cannot wait to meet you. 


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