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Why have a couple Shoot?

Very good question..

An engagement shoot is THE best way of getting to know each other. Sure, a coffee date is nice- but this way we can suss out how we both work. What makes you guys laugh and what works for you to get you relaxed in front of the camera!

Where should we go?

As far or as close as you want!

This is of course, your choice! I live in Bristol and have a car, so wherever is easiest for you. I have some great recommendations, unless you have somewhere better in mind?

But what will I wear?

I will send you a PDF a few days before your shoot to get your ready! But in the meantime, here are my suggestions..

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. I suggest wearing a similar colour palette to one another or at least one that compliments the other. Keep it plain and simple so that you're the main event. Neutrals are ALWAYS a winner.

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